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Game Ready Cheer Boot Camp - March 2024

Who is this for?

  • This is for any athletes interested in trying out for their high school cheer team with little or no cheer experience
  • Athletes that have lower level experience but are looking to prepare for the next level, improve their skill sets, and experience a comprehensive tryout process and evaluation

Why is this beneficial?

  • This six session boot camp is designed to prepare athletes for the thigh school cheer tryout proves and to get immediate feedback on areas of improvement
  • High School cheer is different than youth cheer. This will be the first time many athletes have been individually evaluated
  • It will help athletes with little to no cheer experience get a feel for what to expect and develop a strong foundation as they begin their cheer journey

What to expect…

  • Closely replicate a typical high school cheer tryout schedule
  • Unpack motion techniques, familiarize our athletes with commonly used sports terminology, clarify the athletes role, guide them on how to best distinguish themselves during the tryout and focus on honing various skills
  • Feedback will be provided in group settings, one on one interactions and paired exercises to ensure a comprehensive learning experience
  • Participants will learn various sideline cheers, master a dance routine, and develop the necessary skills essential for high school cheer tryouts
  • The culmination of the program will be a mock tryout on the final day, offering athletes an opportunity to pinpoint areas for improvement before they step onto the may for the actual event. 

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